Sep 30, 2008

I love living and working in the Bay Area for many reasons…the weather, the people, the landscapes, the startups.  It’s the best place in the world to be a venture capitalist.  However, there are points in the venture-funded economic cycle where it pays to spend time out of the area and I have seen enough local FNACs (“feature not a company”) lately to know that now is one of those times.

As such I have been spending time in Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle and they are all great places.   But this cycle is the first that I have spent a signficant amount of time in Boulder.  I joined the board of Yieldex a year ago and started traveling there regularly experiencing both the rocking summers and the cold, but lovely, winters.  We recently made an investment in Gnip which means I get to spend even more time in Boulder.

If you haven’t been, you should.  It is an outdoor paradise with extreme skiing, hellacious whitewater rafting, and righteous venture capitalists.  Indeed, if I were starting out in a career, Boulder would be one of the places I would be seriously considering as a landing place.

The good folks of the tech community in Boulder are interested in seeing more people make their careers in Boulder and as such have created a brilliant event that you should be applying for.   An all-expenses paid trip to Boulder where you interview with a bunch of companies and in return they wine and dine you and maybe even give you a job offer.

What do you have to lose?

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