SimpleGeo: Dead Simple Location Awareness

Dec 1, 2009

I first met Matt Galligan when he started SocialThing and found him to be incredibly smart and enSimplegeogaging.   When he saw a tweet on one of my regular trips to Boulder and pinged me I was excited to hear what he was working on next. 

First, he had partnered with Joe Stump, the guy who helped Digg scale from it's original MySQL incarnation to the behemoth of coding prowess that it is today.  Although he wasn't the same Joe Stump who is known as The Shredlord, this Joe Stump was clearly a different sort of rock star: highly regarded, very smart, no BS and he has some amazing tattoos

And while the original company was a super cool location-aware gaming play, they quickly figured out that they could not build the app they wanted without a lot of work on the location awareness piece.

Which is a problem that any mobile application that wants to be location aware would also have.  Which is more and more mobile apps.  Soon to be almost all mobile apps.  Umm…Eureka!

SimpleGeo was born.

I won't rehash VentureBeat's article about the pain that developers feel when developing these apps today.  Needless to say it is hard and SimpleGeo makes it simple.  Dead simple.  Creating that simplicity is a huge opportunity for SimpleGeo and it's customers and one that we had to be a part of.

We're proud to be leading SimpleGeo's initial round of investment and to be working with these two entrepreneurs.  I can't wait for their first public launch of the product and look forward to the good things that this team will produce.

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