Oct 28, 2011

Venture is a long term business.  Relationships are made and built over time.  Some of those relationships turn into investments and some never will.  And once I get to work with a founder I (almost :) ) always look forward to the chance to work them again.  So when Matt Brezina dropped by the office almost a year ago to talk about Sincerely I was psyched.

Matt hung out a ton at our offices as he was incubating the idea and then once he raised money and started building the team he commandeered the office next to mine through the first product cycle.  We have a relatively small team in San Francisco but a big office because we like companies to not have to worry about space when they first start up (we’ve also had ModCloth, Uber, and Foodzie, among others, share our space as they are starting up).  It was great to watch him, Brian, and the rest of team iterate through ideas and execute against deliverables day after day.

Now Sincerely has their own office and the team is growing the products are being released at a nice clip.  We’re thrilled to be investors in Sincerely and working with Matt again.  Expect good things from them.

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  1. Mgreanias says:

    The company I work for specializes in mailing communications. Weu00a0provide services that helpu00a0manage and controll the costsu00a0of postage andu00a0mail processing. I would love an introduction to Matt to see if there is a fit.nnregards,

    Commented on December 1, 2011 at 9:44 pm
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