I’m Sincerely Thrilled!

Nov 7, 2013

It’s so awesome to see Matt Brezina and his team at Sincerely have their amazing effort recognized as they announce that Sincerely has been acquired by Provide Commerce today.  I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Matt since he started Xobni back in the day and rarely do I get the chance to work with people of his caliber. We have a term at First Round that characterizes folks a certain type of entrepreneur: Heat Seeking Missiles. And Matt is that.  He was constantly iterating on his product mix, shipping products constantly, leaning into those that worked and killing those that didn’t. Relentlessly optimistic and a great team builder, people like Matt are the reason I love coming to work every day.

Under the Provide umbrella, you can expect to see Sincerely expand their product line and have the resources to expand even faster. I can’t wait to see what Matt and team come up with next!

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