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When I was a kid, my grandfather had chronic insomnia. A friend convinced him his mattress was the problem, and that he should go buy a waterbed (note: this is the 1970s). So he did. That’s where a whole new … Continue reading

“How did you get into venture capital?” I kind of hate that question.  Not because I have any particular point of view on how I became a venture capitalist.  No, I just don’t like it because like so many other … Continue reading

We had a great event this week co-hosted by First Round Capital and Mayfield Fund called "Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs."  There were well over 150 seasoned and new entrepreneurs in attendance networking with each other for a few hours.  Additionally, a … Continue reading

I had a great time at SXSW this year, but the conference has gotten so big that I missed a lot.  One session that I shouldn’t have missed was titled “The Art of Self Branding.”  Most of the session was … Continue reading

As many of you know, at this time last year we were looking for our first hire in the San Francisco office. The response was overwhelming, as were the number of really good people that we met through that process, … Continue reading

Can Do vs. Should Do

Jun 5, 2007

More than at this time last year, I am finding myself asking about the motivations behind starting companies.  It can sound like a hokey question, but the motive is pragmatic:  I’m trying to determine if the company was created because … Continue reading

Welcome, Maz!

Feb 26, 2007

A while back I posted a job opening at First Round Capital for our first Analyst.  After posting, I was instantly deluged with resumes from many excellent candidates.  And the resumes kept coming for weeks, most recently as the posting … Continue reading

Back when I first started in the venture capital business at the end of Web 1.0, it was de rigueur to have a plan showing at least $100 million in revenue by year five.  It was always on that slide … Continue reading

When I joined First Round Capital a few months ago, I discovered that the term “Web 2.0” had affected me personally.  The notion generated by Dale Dougherty that become a conference and was subsequently morphed into a class of companies … Continue reading